About the PBL Academy

About The PBL Academy


The PBL Academy at Aalborg University (AAU) works across departments and faculties with the aim of supporting the continuous development of the Aalborg Model of Problem Based Learning (PBL). This pedagogical approach is a core value for Aalborg University, and is adopted across the entire university. The PBL Academy aims to create activities, support research networks and communicate issues relating to the Aalborg PBL Model both internally and externally.

The PBL Academy has a management board, but is an open initiative and network organisation open to participation and engagement from all employees at Aalborg University – as well as for external stakeholders.

The PBL Academy wishes to provide updated knowledge and resources on Problem Based Learning in general and with a particular focus on the Aalborg PBL model.Logo_FN's Verdensmål

The PBL Academy furthermore encourages developments of PBL that creates synergy with current societal developments including the increasing digitalization of our societies and the values embedded in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


The vision of the AAU PBL Academy is to ensure that AAU remains a leading international player in the continuous development of and research into PBL within all subject fields. Furthermore, to ensure a continuous development and critical discussion of the Aalborg PBL model based on relevant research and experiences.

Internally, the aim of the PBL-academy is to facilitate the creation of a strong PBL profile in all AAU subject areas. We wish to facilitate this by organising PBL related activities in various interest networks that bridge and cross faculties, departments and campuses.

Externally, the aim is to render visible the high quality PBL research at Aalborg University, and to present the unique Aalborg PBL model to an international audience. We wish to facilitate this by providing freely available resources on PBL, and by acting as a hub and network for PBL-related research.

The Aalborg PBL Model

Aalborg University is characterized by problem-oriented project work in accordance with Aalborg PBL model. The model is recognized internationally and has over time been met with great interest from universities, researchers and students from both home and abroad. UNESCO has placed its only Danish chair in PBL at Aalborg University.

The Aalborg PBL model