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Apply for funding for further development of AAU's PBL practice

It is now possible to submit an application for funding for PBL development projects and contribute to shaping AAU’s future PBL practice. The application deadline is Tuesday 20 September 2016

Last modified: 29.06.2016

Have you thought of a good idea for a PBL development project which might be relevant all across AAU? Now is the time to apply for funding for your project.

The AAU Strategy 2016-21 Knowledge for the World emphasises our focus on the further development of our PBL practice. During 2016 to 2019, four to eight PBL development projects must be launched, and DKK 1.6 million has been set aside for these.

With this allocated funding, AAU wishes to support PBL development projects which aim at exploring, challenging and developing our PBL practice even further.  The theme framework is broad, including themes such as:

  • PBL and IT
  • PBL and study intensity
  • PBL outside of project work

The funding is not targeted towards particular subject or research groups. Therefore, researchers from outside of official PBL circles are also encouraged to apply.

The application deadline is 20 September 2016, and the Strategic Council for Education will select the funding recipients at the end of October 2016.

More information on Call 2016 PBL development projects including the application form are available at http://www.strategi.aau.dk/Handleplaner+Viden+for+verden/PBL/