Workshops on PBL principles in practice - 4th workshop 02.06.2021

The PBL Academy is pleased to invite all AAU academic staff to a series of short online workshops about the PBL principles in practice. Next workshop is June 2, on 'Cooperation as driving force'.

Last modified: 05.05.2021

The workshops

At Aalborg University, we have a set of PBL principles to guide our PBL practice across faculties and programs. 

In many cases, the introduction of the PBL principles have served as a trigger to reflect on how we practice PBL. Now, after more than five years of living out the PBL principles in the organization, the PBL Academy want to trigger another kind of reflection - that is a reflection on the PBL principles as such. The question is whether the PBL principles are still capturing the essence of what PBL at AAU is and should be in the future.

In a serial of short online workshops, we will address the different PBL principles, one by one. 

To learn more about the workshops and register for participation, please visit the PBL intranet:

Workhops on PBL principles